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Each troop had one officer, two sergeants, one artificer, and thirty other ranks.

Grenadier Guards

To look after the regiment's horses, attached to the regimental headquarters, was a veterinary officer, a quartermaster sergeant farrier also responsible for killing wounded or sick horses , a saddler sergeant , and a saddle-tree maker. Each squadron had two saddlers, one a sergeant, and each troop had a shoeing smith.

British cavalry were armed with a pattern sword ; lancers were armed with a 9. Instead of infantry webbing, they carried their ammunition in a bandolier.

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While the Germans had a standard field grey uniform, their uhlans still wore Polish style czapka helmets and tunics with plastron fronts, while the hussars wore frogged jackets and the cuirassiers had steel spiked helmets. Although the trench warfare on the Western Front was dominated by the artillery and infantry, the cavalry still suffered 5, dead and 14, other casualties.

The 3rd Dragoon Guards, with dead, had the most killed, while the 7th Hussars had eighty dead, one less than the 21st Lancers, which had remained in India throughout the war.

The British Army tried to learn the lessons of the First World War and incorporate them into its doctrine. Although mechanisation of the British cavalry was well advanced by , there was still a 1st Cavalry Division that served in the Syria—Lebanon Campaign during the Second World War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

British Army during the Victorian Era. It served on the Western Front with the 4th Division. The London Gazette Supplement. Retrieved 2 September Hansard House of Commons. Australian Dictionary of Biography Online. Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives. Retrieved 22 September Each cavalry squadron carried an eagle and standard or guidon in the early years packs contain three flags for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd squadrons, with the regimental numeral in the corner wreaths.

From onwards, a single eagle was carried by the 1st battalion of each regiment packs contain two flags of the heavily embroidered pattern tricolor, with the appropriate battle honors. Line Lancers have two standards and twelve lance pennons. Guard Lancers have one standard and eighteen pennons of the regimental pattern these are also available as a supplementary pack of Dragoons make up 30 regiments and are packaged as battle honor variants without individual numbering.

Welcome to the Worcestershire Regiment website

Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Life Guards United Kingdom Their Boer opponents taught not only the cavalry but the whole army some lessons. A havercake is an oat pancake very popular in the West of Yorkshire, which was and is the main recruiting area for the 33rd Foot, later Duke of Wellington's and now the Yorkshire Regiment.

Conqueror's Blade - Musket Infantry - A Powerful Alternative To Archers?

At Brandywine Creek, the regiment's light company defeated a group of rebels who swore revenge. In order that they not be confused with another regiment the 46th stained their plumes red. Recruited from border region of England and Scotland; reavers were cattle thieves. Regiment's heavy casualties at Toulouse were very apparent due to new uniform coats on the dead. Regiment had to use their buttons for ammunition when they ran out of ball at the defence of Carrickfergus; their buttons thereafter had a dent or 'splash' in them in commemoration.

British cavalry during the First World War - Wikipedia

Moonrakers is a nickname of people from the county of Wiltshire in south-west England. Legend says that two smugglers were caught by excise officers retrieving kegs of brandy they had hidden in a pond and told the officers that they were attempting to retrieve a cheese, the reflection of the moon in the water hence raking the moon. The Fleur-de-lys shako badge bore a similarity in appearance to the blood-sucking insects in the West Indies that spread the disease which virtually wiped out the regiment.

Had black facing color and regimental badge had heraldic device of Lord Stafford -- a knot. For service at Assaye where all 17 officers and men out of were casualties; the remnant being command by a sergeant-major.

Life Guards (United Kingdom)

Because of high casualties during Lake's campaigns in India. From Buckinghamshire, but junior to the 16th Foot which was also from that county. A large number of officers were court-martialed and had to be replaced by officers from other regiments. Hence the expression 'dressed up to the nines'.

The officers of regiment were considered particularly sartorial. Royal Horse Artillery. Uniforms were blue and they recruited from the Newgate area where there was a prison. The train drivers were considered to be thieves. Brett-James, Anthony. Carew, Tim. Haythornhwaite, Philip J.

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Swinson, Arthur. Was always in the middle of the hardest fighting. For its conduct in the battle of the Pyrenees. It was a mixed division, with very few British regiments in it. Traditional name for any light infantry force. Were used to quell the Burdett riots during which one rioter was killed. Because of a less than spectacular parade in Ireland. Color of uniforms when first raised. Also color of horses. Regimental Badge had Inniskilling Castle on it. Roll call reveals men wounded, missing.

D Day Tanks and countdown to 60th anniversary of D-Day from the Tank Museum Bovington

US Infantry approach the line of forts defending Cherbourg. Operation Epsom, a five day attack in the direction of Caen now launched, having been postponed on account of the Great Storm that wrecked the Mulberry Harbours. American forces capture Cherbourg. British forces capture St Manvieu and Cheux. Great efforts are being made by 15th Scottish Division and 31st Tank Brigade to reach bridges on the Odon river. VI rocket hits Victoria Station, London, 14 killed. British tanks and infantry in action around Rauray.