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I do not hear about much beyond the honeymoon period however.

15 Relationship Things That Happen Once the Honeymoon Stage Ends

Like any transition, a celebration to mark it is a fine idea. Think back to other big life changes from graduation, to marriage, to the birth of a child, or a special birthday to see which ones were most memorable and why. At work, the change to retirement gets recognized, the career remembered and celebrated, and the person is sent off with best wishes for a new life.

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I suggest to retirees that they have some part in the planning of their celebration and it may not just be a party at work. A trip, a private gathering, or a dream-come-true adventure can usher in a new stage of life in a fun and memorable way. This is a shift you can choose to do in a public or private fashion.

Honeymoons happen too! The first feelings of freedom, stress-free time, and the sense that life is open to lots of possibilities can be very exciting! Travel is what 86 per cent of preretirees say they are looking forward to in the Go-Go stage of retirement.

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Moving Beyond the Honeymoon Phase: 4 Strategies to Make Love Last

Many want to stretch their wings and make some dreams come true out in the wide world. Here is where the Valentines comes in. If you have a spouse, this retirement planning is a couple experience that requires communication and negotiation.

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Like the wedding and honeymoon, the details need to be hashed out before hand. Only about 35 per cent of couples discuss their retirement plans ahead of time. This may not be the way to head into a marriage or a retirement. Share the dreams and hopes for retirement as well as those travel ideas.


Some engagement rings, wedding dresses, receptions, and honeymoons can break the bank and put a newly married couple in a mess of debt. Castles crumbled practically into dust, where you still feel the spirits of knights and maidens linger.

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  6. Icebergs as big as houses floating in the chilly water, light glinting off them like diamonds. These are the moments you can only experience through travel.

    The Top Honeymoon Destinations for

    Moments worth way more than an award, trophy, or trinket. At SC Travel Design, we honor your accomplishments — big and small — through incredible travel experiences. Let us build your custom travel itinerary to celebrate:. Family reunions.

    Or simply finally making time for that special bucket-list trip. At its heart, your celebratory trip.